Astropixel Extras

The Astropixels sets are just bare bones electronics with no mounting hardware or such like. This is because there are so many different options and ways to attach them to your droid that it just wouldn’t be economical to supply them.

But of course, the builders club is all about helping each other. And some other members have jumped in to help.

I’ll keep a list of extras to be used with the Astropixels here.

Laser cut files for bezels and cover

Here is a pdf to be used with a cnc or laser cutter to make some acrylic bezels and front covers for the logics

STLs for spacers and bezels

Here are a collection of STL files to 3d print for spacing the boards out from the surrounds and clear front cover. Along with 3d printable bezels.

If you have any other files that Astropixel users might find useful, please let me know and I’ll add them here.

HP Board mounts

Dana Jan has kindly done a dedicated HP light board mount for printed droids MK4 dome. You can find their updated files here:

Astropixels Plus

And finally, but by no means least, is a much more in depth firmware by Mimir, the original creator of the ReelTwo library which I use in my default code.

I’ve been working on an alternative firmware sketch that expands on your
original sketch to add Wifi support, Marcduino commands, servo sequences
(using Adafruit PCA9682), and a droid remote (ESPNOW).


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  1. David Bowles

    I would like to try the alternate firmware, however, I would like the possibility to revert back to your default sketch. Is it available for download as a backup?

    1. dpoulson

      Great, love to see what you do with it!

      Its just the Astropixel example sketch in the ReelTwo library. So if you’ve got the library installed you should have it already.

      1. David Bowles

        Very cool. Thanks for the reply.

  2. David Bowles

    At the risk of being dumb, can you tell me what the 2 4 pin I2C/Serial connections are on the board. I know they must be input and output connections for I2C, but which ones are which? Thanks for any insight you can provide. I have the PLUS firmware running and will try to test it out once I figure out the pins. Thanks! David

  3. David Bowles

    Okay – so minutes after I commented, I found this – Interfacing with the system is done using one of the three sets of headers to the right. Top is i2c, with the pins being Clock, Data, +ve, and Ground. Then below that are the two serial interfaces with the pins Tx, Rx, +ve, and Ground. By default the code will be programmed with i2c enabled on address 0x0a. More details on how to trigger effects can be found in the ReelTwo documentation.

  4. Chris Harman

    Hi there I bought the astropixel set from you ages ago only just come to fit them are there any instructions for which wires go on which pegs?

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