Around about May 2013, we took a trip to Milton Keynes Collectormania for a day out and to meet a few people. Whilst there, we came across the UK arm of the R2 Builders club, with numerous droids on show. Someone may have then been heard to utter the fateful words: ‘You could make one of those’. That was enough to plant the seed. After a long drive home, I went online and signed up for both the Yahoo! group and the astromech.net forums, along with joining the UK specific astromech.info forum. I was pretty much doomed from there on.

After lots of reading of build logs both on the forums and around the net I was ready to take the plunge and start ordering parts. This website is here to log the progress.

Personally, I’m an IT guy with lots of various hobbies including electronics and computers, so I had a good start on parts of the build. I am very new to actually building anything beyond airfix models (badly). This was a chance to get some skills in other areas.