So, you want an R2 at your event? Droids (and their owners) have in the past, besides typical things like comic cons, done things like hospital visits or have been ring bearers at weddings. Its very rewarding to see the reactions of the public to our droids. The builders club are always happy to show up at a convention, show, charity event, etc. You only have to ask!

Email to (UK Only)

Please note, members of the builders club will not do commercial events without approval of Disney or Lucasfilm. These include things like store openings, product launches, etc. The droids are built as part of a hobby, not as a way to make money. Anyone charging for appearances (beyond reasonable expenses) should be reported to the club. A charitable contribution to one of the club charities is always a nice gesture of course.

As well as droids, there are many costuming groups who are happy to attend charity events, etc. A couple that I am involved in are:

UK Garrison – This is the UK division of the global 501st
99th Garrison – North West and North East members

You may also contact me directly: